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When it’s time to call an emergency electrician

When and why call an urgent electrician?

When it's time to call an emergency electricianStruggling to decide whether or not it’s time to call your trusted electricians in Fairfax? It’s a fair question, but it also needs a definitive answer! Just when does an electrical problem become an electrical emergency? Follow along with the specialists of Emergency Electrician Fairfax-VA as we distinguish between dangerous and simply boring things!

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When is it an emergency?

Household electrical systems are in use at all hours of the day and are quite complex systems taken together. Because of this, the number of problems you can encounter is many but some are just obnoxious rather than insidious. When we talk about emergencies, we include:

  • Buzzing and other strange sounds.

Appliances that make strange sounds, switch that buzz, buzzing from an outlet; all of these indicate an overload or the presence of wild electricity and can be an immediate cause for concern. Call electricians in Fairfax now to avoid damage to your home and the potential for electrical fire!

  • Pungent and melty smells.

The stench of burnt wiring or the start of a smoldering fire is unmistakable and completely unpleasant. Trust your nose and call for assistance immediately! While waiting, it would be wise to turn off the affected area or the entire house completely for safety reasons.

  • Power outages.

Not necessarily of the storm variety. In the event of an unusual outage, we recommend that you contact your support service provider for assistance. The problem may be at their end: a downline or a network problem. But if it’s not, and they don’t have a good answer for you, it’s time to call 877-209-4139.

  • Visual indications of shorts or burning.

Get into the habit of occasionally checking outlets and wiring in your home. If you notice streaks along walls (usually black or brown, can be yellowish) or around outlets, it’s time to call an emergency response team.

Problems in progress

If you’ve had an electrical repair recently, or even multiple times, but the problem keeps coming back, we’d call it an emergency electrician. Something has to be seriously wrong for an electrical problem to keep happening and the expertise of a professional would be wise to pursue.
We would like to add that anytime, anytime you feel threatened by your home’s electricity, it’s an emergency. Electrical specialists such as the local firefighters take your safety very seriously. If you think you maybe need a professional or some assistance, go ahead and give us a call! Better be a false alarm than something seriously wrong.

Call 877-209-4139 and request the intervention of an emergency electrician in Fairfax and also in the surrounding areas

Do you need emergency service or are you just looking for other routine repair services? If your home is old, your electrical system may need an overhaul. To avoid unpleasant surprises later, it is recommended that you hire an electrician to inspect the system for age-related damage. Contact Electrician Fairfax-VA for electrical repair and maintenance. The electricians are available 24/7 and also on public holidays.

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