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The complete guide to dimmer switch – Fairfax Electricians Experts

The complete guide to dimmer switch – Fairfax Electricians Experts
The complete guide to dimmer switch – Fairfax Electricians Experts

Why Is My Dimmer Switch Warm to the Touch?

Your house is about 25 years old, although you have lived there less than 2 years. The master bathroom has a double switch, one for the master light bar above the sinks and one for the lights above the shower stall and tub. Need an electrician in Fairfax VA? 24 Hour Emergency Electrician Fairfax VA can provide you with any kind of electrical services! But, first read the complete guide to dimmer switch; why is the dimmer switch warm to the touch and when can it be useful? 

These are two oversized rocker switches with a slider to dim the lights. If you leave the lights above the shower and tub on for an extended period – about an hour – the switch will be noticeably warm to the touch. It doesn’t seem to heat up any further by letting it past. The wall switch does not have an internal backlight when turned off.

The lights on the circuit are a “can” on the ceiling above the shower and a gold chandelier over the tub. Would replacing any of these items resolve the issue?

Maybe, you didn’t notice this issue with the switch for the light above the sinks. This circuit consists of two bars of 6 globe bulbs with bare bulb each.

What happens if there is a normal switch? Is it normal to have a warm dimmer switch? What about the operating temperature of the switch?

If this was a normal switch the electrical experts would say no, it is not normal. Since the switch contains a dimmer, it is perfectly normal. Dimmers are electronic devices that heat up. In fact, because of the heat they create, dimmers are designed for maximum power. Special high-power dimmers are available, and they even have built-in heat sinks to help dissipate the heat they generate.

With that said, you need to calculate the total wattage of the bulbs you are controlling with the switch. If you have 6 bulbs, the maximum wattage you can use is probably 40W. A typical residential dimmer will have a maximum of 600W (yours will be labeled, probably on the face where it is easy to see). Using 12 40W bulbs you have 480W, but using 60W bulbs you would be over budget at 720W. This is important because when you have more than 600W the inverter will still run, but it could possibly get hot enough to get damaged or damage the wiring connections in the same enclosure.

To sum up what the two signs you can identify that the dimmer switch is hot is when it exceeds the temperature and the switch is overloaded. The emergency electricians didn’t recommend the usage of normal switch! But in any case to figure out the operating temperature of the switch, feel free to call Electrician Fairfax! The 24hr Electricians can solve your problem quicky! We operate 24/7!

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When can a dimmer switch be useful?

In fact, a dimmer switch can help you in addition to adjusting the light of the LED bulbs in the house, hence the name dimmer, potentiometer, light dimmer or dimmer, also to obtain greater savings in energy terms.

As a main function this tool once connected to your electrical system can bring the advantage of adjusting the luminous intensity of the lamps (from 0% to 100%) through the modulation of the PWM pulse width or digitally, creating pleasant relaxing atmospheres that can extend the life of the lighting bodies and achieve greater energy savings.

There are also drivers that work at 220v while others work from 0-10v in low voltage circuits so pay attention to this feature too.

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Expect Dimmer Switch Services, which are other lighting services that Electricians in Fairfax County can help with?

Electrician Fairfax County can solve any kind of lighting or electrical needs. The professional electricians we collaborate with will come immediately to your address that you give us. They can do the 24/7 electrician services emergency as fast as it is possible!

So, for all the lighting services we mention above, you are free to contact an electrician! You shouldn’t ignore a hot dimmer switch until is later!

We also collaborate with Emergency Electrician Virginia!

Whenever you need “24-hour emergency electricians near me” you are free to call us! We guarantee you 100% satisfaction on all work carried out from the Electrician &Electric Service in Fairfax, Virginia. They are fully qualified and licensed technicians with high experience.