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How to choose and install ceiling fan in Fairfax?

The hot weather is coming, accompanied by the usual rush for fans … the gold of your summers! They make it possible to move the air efficiently, without having to resort to general air conditioning. And the effects are quick! The most efficient models provide a temperature reduction of up to 8 °. How to choose your appliance, and how to install it for ideal thermal comfort? Read the article below to know more how to choos and install ceiling fan in Fairfax!

4 criteria for choosing a ceiling fan

The aesthetic has its role to play, but it should not be the sole criterion of choice!

1. The size of the blades

Most devices are equipped with 3, 4 or 5 blades, but some are limited to only 2 pieces. This parameter is not actually the most determining , except when it comes to their inclination (between 6 ° and 18 °). The larger it is, the more efficient the motor must be, thus influencing the power of the device.

However, their material  will vary: from plastic, for entry-level models, to wood or even metal for higher ranges. This variety of choices allows you to adapt the fan to your interior decoration:

  • a contemporary style will marry perfectly with a shiny metal,
  • dark wood will be more exotic and other lighter species will be sober and discreet!

2. The area of ​​the room

Here is a size criterion! And the ceiling height goes hand in hand , which is also decisive in choosing the most appropriate diameter .

3. Speed

Entry-level or mid-range devices generally have few adjustment options, especially in terms of speed. Yet it is this that defines the quality of the cooling of the room . The most advanced models put comfort first, with three or four different modes. Average speeds are between 70 rpm. and 200 rpm. . It is therefore recommended to favor a low speed in a bedroom or a living room and to reserve the highest for rooms where use is temporary (kitchens, etc.), but more noisy.

4. The trigger system

Technologies have evolved, although we all remember the pull chain! The most recent models can be operated using a switch and a speed variator , however requiring you to move to adjust the device, As for the remote controls , they allow you to quickly turn the device on / off service, to act on the speed, even to carry out programming !

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4 steps to install ceiling fan in Fairfax, VA

As with any emergency on your electrical installation, remember to switch off the branch circuit breaker of the circuit concerned. We also recommend that you connect to the location of an old ceiling light, in order to facilitate the electrical connections. Otherwise, you will need to contact an Electrician Fairfax to pull a power line to the desired location for your device.

carry out programming !

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1. Define the location

Before proceeding with the installation, determine the ideal location for your fan. This should ideally be in the center of a room to be as effective as possible.

You will have to work in pairs ! One person to carry, the other to fix. So, keep in touch with Electricians Fairfax VA!

2. Install the binding

Most fans come with their own mounting kits. They contain the elements to be anchored to the ceiling , in order to support the entire weight of the appliance. This installation requires you to drill through the ceiling in order to secure a heavy object. It is therefore recommended to surround yourself, if this task is not familiar to you.

Ceiling Fan in Fairfax

Be patient ! The installation of the ceiling fan unit is the final step.

3. Assemble your fan

Whether ordered online or purchased in store, these relatively bulky devices are delivered in spare parts . Upon purchase, verify that you have all the parts, then proceed with assembly according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

4. Make the connection

Some fairly recent installations are equipped with built-in electrical boxes , fitted with a cover and a hook. New installations are governed by the  NFC 15-100 standard , which requires you to connect the device to a DCL (Luminaire Connection Device) box. For the older ones, the phase, neutral and earth wires simply come out of the ceiling. In all cases, you will have to adapt the fixing supplied with the fan to these boxes , and connect your device using dominoes or quick connectors. Schedule a service online if you need to install ceiling fan in Fairfax!

>> Once the fixing base is installed, fix the cover and firmly install the blades , to avoid any inconvenience during the operation of your device, then put the current back on the electrical panel !

You should be able to enjoy the fresh air quickly , by following these tips! In addition, most models are equipped with lights . These are not, of course, as powerful as conventional lighting systems, but they can have several bulbs and turn out to be perfect auxiliary lighting. When making your choice, choose LEDs ! They consume little, and are very efficient with a variator.

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