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Electrical maintenance that damages the home electrical system

Electrical maintenance that damages the home electrical system

Keeping your home’s electrical system in good condition is important to ensure convenience and safety in the home. Unfortunately, many homeowners neglect electrical system maintenance and face the resulting inconveniences and dangers. However, it is necessary to properly maintain the electrical system to avoid power outages and electrical fires. Below are five maintenance mistakes that you need to avoid to keep your home electrical system in the best possible condition.

5 maintenance errors that damage the home electrical system

1. Continuing to use an old service panel

The older your home, the more important it is to update your electrical equipment. If you live in an older home, you should know that older utility electrical panels were not designed to support all electrical appliances used in a modern home.

However, you will experience blown fuses and other problems that can create fire hazards more often if you have never upgraded the service panel in your older home. Also, ask a qualified electrician to inspect your service panel and perform recommended updates to avoid electrical problems.

2. Leave the old wiring in place

A home electrical panel isn’t the only part of a previous property’s electrical system that needs updating. You also need to update the wiring as it can deteriorate over time.

One of the most common signs of outdated and out-of-shape wiring in a home is outlet covers which tend to overheat when the outlet is in use. Replace old cables as soon as your electrician recommends them to avoid fire hazards while protecting devices from electrical damage.

3. Allow pest infestations to cause wire damage

Unfortunately, parasites tend to be attracted to threads and can chew them. If the protective coatings are chewed on by the wires, the wires may no longer effectively carry electrical current to power household devices. In addition, sparks and dangerous levels of heat can escape from wires that are not adequately protected by rubber or plastic coatings.

Avoid pest infestations through regular exterminator visits. If you notice an infestation, deal with it immediately to avoid damage to your home’s wiring.

4. Ignore outlet restrictions

You need to be aware of the voltage that individual outlets can safely supply to connected appliances. Overloading outlets could cause electrical equipment to overheat. Overloading outlets could also unnecessarily increase your electricity bills.

Pay particular attention to avoid overloading the sockets when connecting extension cables and multiple sockets. Remember that extension cords and multiple sockets will cause the outlet to supply power to more appliances than usual. Do the math and find out how many appliances your sockets can support, taking into account voltage and power limitations.

5. Not having specialists handle electrical work and inspections

Homeowners often make the mistake of hiring a general contractor to handle the electrical work. Additionally, some homeowners try to figure out their home’s electrical system for themselves and attempt do-it-yourself repairs.

Electrical work in a home can be complex and requires an experienced electrician. A certified and experienced electrician will be able to handle electrical repairs safely. Emergency electricians in Fairfax-VA will not only be able to carry out work safely, but they will also be able to provide you with valuable efficiency advice that will help you reduce your electricity and utility bills.

Regular inspections of your electrical system by a qualified electrician can help you avoid malfunctions and hazards in your home. Finally, if you are looking for the right electrician service in Fairfax-VA. 

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