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Burning from an electrical outlet

Burning from an electrical outlet in Fairfax

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Electricity is an integral part of every person’s life, which makes life easier and more comfortable. It is worthy to follow certain rules for the use of electricity. Working with faulty electrical appliances, it may damage property or threaten human life and health.
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For example, many people live in old houses. Of Course, an electrical wiring of the premises remained from those times. You should replace the wires in time. If not a fire may occur, in the worst case, it has grown into a fire.

Outlet Wiring in Northern Virginia – Where and Why?

A fire in electrical wiring can happen in the following situations:

  • Short circuit. In this case, the temperature in the damaged area increases several times, while melting the wires of the electrical wiring. It happens due to the breakdown of the insulating material (mechanical damage, microcracks, high voltage, old wiring). So, Call Fairfax County Electricians at 877-209-4139!
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  • Overload of the network by current. It is typical when connecting electrical equipment of increased power, the appearance of large leakage currents, an increase in temperature in certain areas. These causes also lead to overheating and subsequent fire. You can also Schedule a Service for Electrical Wiring Installation Fairfax Services!
  • Often, electrical wiring burns at the junction of current-carrying conductors. As a result of weakening or oxidation of the contact, the transition resistance of the electrical wiring increases sharply, which entails overheating and subsequent ignition. Electricians Fairfax VA can solve any kind of burning smell from the outlet!

The most common case of electrical wiring fires is a faulty or damaged electrical power wire. If this happens, then the first step is to disconnect the device from the network, cover the place of fire with a rag and put out the fire. Most houses have flower pots, and the ground is great for putting out flames. Scroll down to reade more!

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Warning Signs of Faulty Electrical Wiring in Vienna, VA

If, when connecting one or more devices to the network, you can hear the smell of burning plastic, you must immediately take certain measures, because this is a clear sign of a fire in the electrical wiring.

You need to act as follows:

  1. All repair work is carried out in a de-energized room, so you first need to unscrew the plugs.
  2. You feel in a room the smell of burning wiring. It is necessary to disassemble all the sockets and check the wires and contacts. Most often, the contact under the pressure washer is weakened, which leads to overheating.
  3. If all sockets are in good condition, you should look into the junction box. It will not be difficult to notice the damaged area: the contact will be blackened, the cable insulation will melt.
  4. In the case of faulty sockets, wires are stripped and contacts are restored. If a fire occurred in a junction box, then it is better to cut out the damaged area and insert another cable with the same cross-section in its place. The connection must not be made by twisting, the wires must be soldered, then the bare areas must be insulated.
  5. If it turns out that the wiring has burned out over a significant section, then the entire cable will have to be completely changed.

The fire safety of electrical wiring with aluminum conductors is lower than that of copper wiring. This is due to the fact that aluminum tends to oxidize in air, because of this, resistance increases at the junction of the wires, which leads to overheating and fire. Therefore, it is better to completely replace such wiring. Find Fairfax County Electricians Near Me

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It happens that when the electrical wiring caught fire, there is no person nearby and it is impossible to quickly bring down the flame. In these cases, in order to prevent a fire, it is necessary to act quickly. Call Local Electricians in Fairfax at 877-209-4139!

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