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How to avoid storm and lightning damage

During a severe thunderstorm, your electrical system could be damaged. Find out what remedies to take to avoid storm and lightning damage.

How to avoid storm and lightning damage
How to avoid storm and lightning damage

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In recent years we have witnessed more intense and violent meteorological phenomena than a few decades ago, such as intense rains, strong winds, lightning, and electrical discharges.

In case of bad weather, the phenomenon that occurs most frequently is that of lightning. A lightning bolt contains millions of volts that can discharge on the surface of the earth or a building. Also, causing major damage such as the melting of some metal parts or the fire of some structural parts, due to the large amount of thermal energy that develops.

How to avoid electrical damage caused by thunderstorms and lightning

To avoid damage caused by thunderstorms and lightning, it is essential to adequately protect the electrical system, from which the energy for all domestic electrical systems comes from. Televisions, PCs, and large appliances can often suffer irreparable damage, which is why protecting electrical equipment from lightning becomes a priority.

Here are some tips on how to behave at home to avoid accidents and how to protect the electrical system and appliances from lightning:

    • Equip yourself with a protection device against voltage peaks on the electrical panel. This device will ensure that current surges are absorbed and diverted to the system ground, thus avoiding any damage in the event of lightning and blackouts.
    • Replace common sockets with protected, low-voltage ones to safeguard the most sensitive appliances.
    • Disconnect electrical devices from all power outlets and the antenna cable. Also, avoid using an appliance’s indirect contacts such as a hairdryer, razor, or iron.

You can then install, always with the advice of a technician, devices aimed at protecting people, rather than electrical lines, also called “lifesavers”. Their automatic intervention discharges current leakage to the ground, immediately upon a perception of the electrical current leakage.

Meteorological events accompanied by lightning and thunder are also capable of creating a blackout in the electrical system. The consequence of which is the short circuit that generates a harmful transmission of electricity. This can lead to serious damage such as failure of the heating, air conditioning, or refrigerator. Failures can often be very serious and can lead to unexpected expenses to replace damaged equipment with new ones.

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